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Wild Symbols in Slot Machines Wild Symbol Explained

Yet another variety of wild symbols is the sticky wild symbol, Sticky Wilds work just like any other wild symbol – they substitute any symbol on a reel. Each game may have unique wild symbols, all depending on the design and overall theme of the game. For example, the slot game based on the famous band Guns n Roses has the brand’s logo as its wild symbol! Similarly, a very popular slot game called Starburst has a colorful star as its wild symbol. There are different types of wild symbols, each with their specific features. These have been discussed below with examples of the most popular ones.

How do wild symbols work in slot games?

Often wild symbols have a multiplier attached to them, they can double, triple, or quadruple a player’s winnings. As already established, the purpose of any wild is to replace basic wilds and can increase a player’s winning chances. Depending on a slot game, they can cover any or only on selected reels. Yes, as well as the basic type of symbol for wild features, you may also come across others such as stacked wilds, sticky wilds, expanding wilds, and more.

● Trailing Wild Symbols

It wasn’t long before slots developers had the idea to throw in a few special symbols in there that won’t act just like regular icons. The random nature of slots means that you can’t use any sort of strategy based on when wild symbols may show up. Therefore, the best idea is to choose a game that has the types of wilds you’re interested in seeing.

  • These symbols appear to be stacked upon one another and are great for potentially helping form winning combinations.
  • If you find a slot machine with straight/ diagonal wild symbols, this symbol will substitute for all other symbols on the reel except scatters and bonus symbols.
  • A win requires that you land a combination of three or more wild symbols on an active payline.
  • Today, we will discuss these wild symbols, how they work, and the different types you can encounter when playing slots online.
  • Stacked wilds feature on Wolf Run, which we recommend as one of the best penny slots to play at online casinos.
  • To choose slots with wild symbols, the players need to search for slot games with high variance and a decent RTP.

While this is true, they also carry a basic function that is common to them all. In this week’s tutorial we’re covering what Wilds are, how they work and some of the most common types of Wilds. When substituting for another symbol to complete a win, the wild is worth the same value as the symbol it replaces.

The basic concept behind slot wilds

Stacked wild symbols are used to make the player’s experience all the more exciting and enhance their overall experience. Stacked wild symbols typically appear in ‘stacks.’ These stacks could be stacks of two or three or even more than that, with each symbol piled on top of the other. Wild symbols are generally included in slot games to make the games more interesting and enjoyable. Wild symbols have the power that none of the other symbols have – the power to substitute any other symbol in the game.

What is a Wild Symbol?

Remember that every symbol can be replaced as long as it is not a bonus symbol. This means that wild symbols cannot replace scatter symbols, free spins, multipliers, and other bonus rounds. These wild symbols european roulette are bonuses and may lead to special prizes in the form of payouts. In some uk slot games, the wild symbols pay out higher than the regular symbols; it is sometimes the highest paying symbol in the game.

This means that your chances of securing a winning round increases considerably, because there are possible combinations. Transferring wilds get copied on other sets of reels when the wild symbols appear on any 1 set of reels. Also called Locked or Frozen, Sticky wilds remain on the reels for a certain number of spins, significantly boosting your chances to land a win in the next round. Some slots will kindly let wilds stay until you win while others will allow only one sticky round. Just as the name says, here we have a wild enhanced with a multiplier. Each time it helps complete a win, it’ll multiply the prize by 2x, 3x, 5x, or any other value set out by the provider. These can be available in the base game or can only be a part of extra features that usually offer higher multiplier values.

The way they work is explained in each slot’s paytable or rules section. Walking wild symbols are wilds that can “walk” over the reels until they fall off from the edge. They are an exciting variation of the regular wild symbols, and a few slots also provide free respins with walking wilds. Wild symbols can also substitute for missing symbols, usually part of winning combinations, such as the scatter and jackpot icons. Wilds will not replace bonus triggers like scatters, though, because these images do not appear on all reels but instead must be located somewhere specific to receive a payout. The above section has covered the most common types of slot wilds that you’ll come across in slot wilds. But there are some slot games that also have other types of wilds.

Wild Symbols in Slot Machines

Modern-day online slots feature several different types of slot symbols. A common slot icon that can be found in many online slot games is the wild symbol. Read on to know what slot wilds are and how they work in online slot games. As the name suggests, sticky wilds are symbols that remain on the playing grid for a few spins. Depending on the slot machine, most sticky wilds are often attached to another bonus feature. For instance, in some cases, they will feature for the entire duration of a free-spins session, while they may only stay for a cascading reels feature in other cases.

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With that in mind, software providers have tweaked the formula endlessly over the years. Let’s take a look at some of the more common types of wild symbols in slot games. Keep in mind that these were lumped together based on similar characteristics.

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So, we’ve put together this complete guide which covers everything you need to know about wild symbols. Wild symbols must compliment other special symbols or land in a way stipulated in a game’s paytable. Here is what players https://europeanroulette.games/game/european-roulette-betsoft/ can appreciate about them, and the disadvantages we could find on them. A wild symbol is a slot symbol that can fill in for any other symbol in a slot. It can be anything you wish it to be, for you to have a winning Payline.

If you want to score multiple winning combinations, you may need to land multiple wild symbols. A single wild symbol may not be sufficient to score a winning combination, but landing multiple wilds can increase the chances of doing so. If you find a slot machine with straight/ diagonal wild symbols, this symbol will substitute for all other symbols on the reel except scatters and bonus symbols. A moving wild is a type of wild symbol that moves from one reel to another as the reels spin. This can result in some big payouts if it helps form a winning combination. A sticky wild stays in place on the reels for a number of spins, usually between three and five. This can help to create more winning combinations, as well as increase the amount of money that you win.

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