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Casino and online gambling sector market size worldwide 2022

Make your online casino gambling safe, fun, and profitable with honest and unbiased reviews by CasinosHunter! Find your top web casinos, opt for the best-paying real money bonuses, discover new games, and read exclusive Q&As with the iGaming leaders at CasinosHunter. The interest of leagues, sports personalities and clubs, and agencies will expedite the growth of global online betting. Agencies are expected to bring their experience in sports marketing, while the inclusion of sports teams will provide an impetus to the acceptance and awareness of esports, for instance. The report offers market size and values in (USD million) during the forecast period for the above segments. This is attributable to the legalization of gambling across European countries such as France, Germany, Spain, Malta, and Italy. Electronic gambling machines and online casinos are more addictive than lottery tickets.

  • Online casino developers concentrate on solutions that support & assist gamblers, ensure the authenticity of gambling activities, and prevent fraud.
  • Therefore, from 2020 on, online gambling will acquire an increasing relevance in the global gambling market.
  • Players can use their devices to access these platforms and enjoy a wide variety of games and betting possibilities from anywhere at any time.
  • Some of the common games in the market include poker, bingo, lotteries, roulette, slots, and keno.

In the VR casino reality world, there are several available casino games that the VR casino technology can simulate for their players. The game provides VR gamblers an immersive gaming experience, fun social moments, and a chance to compete worldwide with Poker players. In 2022, around 70 crypto-friendly casinos operated legally worldwide, all combined for $2.8 billion.

Market size of the casino and online gambling industry worldwide from 2011 to 2021, with a forecast for 2022

77% of males aged gambled in the past, with nearly 60% gambling once a week. Check out the top 10 most profitable sports worldwide, contributing to the industry’s growth amidst challenging times. Many offshore gambling companies see this opportunity to tap into the African market potential and expand their regional operations. Around 65% of Kiwi online bettors accessed MyLotto during the Level 4 lockdowns, which grew to 71% when the restrictions decreased to Level 1 post-pandemic. Skrill is one of the most prominent payment options in the United Kingdom.Formerly known as MoneyBookers, the UK launched Skrill to provide its gambling population with a more convenient payment option. In France, 13% of people think the gambling laws are tight, while fewer people agree in Great Britain and Italy.

What is the size of the online gambling industry?

However, we know it is directly related to online gambling and that most people gambling on online casinos and sportsbooks will use their mobile phones. In some regions, people prefer casino games and bets on sports to other activities. In other regions, online gambling statistics show that lotteries and bingo are the most popular activities. Based on the device, the global online gambling market can be bifurcated into desktop, mobile, and
others. Among these, mobile currently accounts for the majority of the total market share. Online gambling involves placing wagers on numerous types of game or match through a licensed bookmaker or sportsbook.

Therefore, the increasing regularization of online gambling in North American countries and their respective states is expected to drive the market further. Online gambling (or Internet gambling) is any kind of gambling conducted on the internet. The United States online gambling market is segmented by game type and by end users.

This includes sports betting (football, horse racing, e-sports, and others), casino (live casino, baccarat, blackjack, poker, slots, and others), and others. According to the report, sports betting represented the largest segment due to the growing popularity of sports tournaments across the globe. Additionally, the demand for sports betting has been largely influenced by the growing awareness about e-sports and the rising live-streaming platforms. Europe dominated the market of online gambling & betting accounting for 52% share of the online gambling & betting consumption globally in 2019. Europe is expected to project a huge revenue in the global online gambling & betting market, mainly due to the enormous demand originating from the Western European countries. Europe dominated the market of online gambling & betting accounting for a 52% share of the online gambling & betting consumption globally in 2019.

Virtual Gambling Industry Report

It is gambling on different games such as casino or sports over the internet. A detailed breakup and analysis of the online gambling market based on the device has also been provided in the report. According to the report, desktops accounted for the largest market share on account of the enhanced convenience offered by desktop devices to mobile phones. In addition, the widespread adoption of large-screen desktops allowing users to experience the high-resolution graphics and intricate details of the game in a better manner is augmenting the product demand. The implementation of new laws for regulating and legalizing virtual gambling allows online poker, sports betting, online casinos, and others. Nowadays, New Jersey is the largest market for regulated online gambling in the US. As there are various online sports betting, apps and sportsbooks live in the area.

Key information on the global casino and online gambling industry 2023

For instance, in the United States, gambling & lottery apps represented 9.3% of all searches in app categories – and that includes social applications – in 2019. Most of the time, they play with free and costless chips, involving no money transfer. However, there can be prizes, tournament awards, Babu88 Casino and the purchase of some features the players consider necessary. In terms of growth, it is expected that the Asia-Pacific and Africa regions will be responsible for pushing forward gambling growth. Gambling can be a great source of fun, as long as it is taken in a responsible manner.

Other statistics that may interest you Gambling in Australia

The Argentine team had the support of BC.GAME during the FIFA World Cup matches in Qatar. Operators of online casinos also sponsor films, television programs, or streaming content to promote their brands and attract viewers. Major athletic events, such as football championships and horse racing contests, are ideal platforms for online gambling businesses to advertise and attract sports bettors. For instance, in December 2022, leading global online betting and gaming brand Betway signed a multi-year title sponsorship with SA20, a Twenty20 franchise cricket tournament in South Africa.

Our advanced research solutions have helped them in appropriate decision-making and guidance for strategies to expand their business. The most important key figures provide you with a compact summary of the topic of "Sports betting worldwide" and take you straight to the corresponding statistics. The US lost $100 billion in gambling yearly, with male and female gamblers owing an average of $55,000-$90,000. Explore more facts and figures about the Virtual Reality Casino scene and learn how quickly the segmentation has been growing. More gamblers prefer betting with cryptocurrencies due to the anonymity and fast deposits and withdrawals that crypto offers. Crypto gambling is rising since only 26.30% of all bets used cryptocurrencies in the first quarter of 2021.

Most Popular Types of Gambling

Additionally, it includes placing wagers on the outcome of a game or event, typically with the use of a computer or other electronic device that takes place over the internet. It is often considered to be a form of entertainment and can be enjoyed by all ages. The majority of online gambling sites are regulated by local or national laws, and they must adhere to strict standards in order to remain in business. All reputable online gambling sites have secure banking and transaction systems, as well as privacy policies that protect customers’ personal information. It is designed in a way that it provides full customer support services, so players can get help with any issues they may have. Finally, various online gambling sites also provide bonuses and promotions in order to attract new customers while strengthening their position in the market. The sports betting industry by betting type was led by the fixed odds wagering segment in 2022, accounting for a revenue share of over 26%.

However, it is not only to calculate the odds of a sports event or the chances of a roulette game that they are useful. One year after the other, relevant information on revenue, evolution, and expenses is published. Up-to-date statistics on gambling addiction claim that up to 6% of all gamblers have a gambling addiction. If around 2,091,780,987 people gamble, out of them 125,506,859 people have a certain level of gambling addiction. We would be happy to reach out to IMARC for more market reports in the future.

Increasing digitization and legalization of online betting and gambling across the globe is expected to fuel market growth. An increase in the number of internet users is driving the online gambling & betting market. In 2019, above 46% of the global population had access to the internet as compared to 43% in 2017. Thus, the growth of the online gambling & betting market is anticipated in the near future.

Furthermore, the adoption of bitcoins has contributed to the increase in cryptocurrency usage for gambling. Increase in spending on leisure activities, combined with the high economic growth of Asia Pacific is anticipated to fuel market growth throughout the forecast period. The online gambling market has been experiencing continuous growth on account of the legalization and wider acceptance of online betting in many developed and developing countries. Online sports providers have also been able to secure high-profile sponsorships with football and racing clubs, which has allowed them to draw in new users. In addition, legalizing online gambling offers various advantages, such as providing a safe and regulated environment for players, and generating additional revenue for governments. It also helps to protect players from fraud and provides governments additional revenue, thereby escalating the overall demand.

Spain’s gambling market keeps growing steadily and is a strong economic force. As one of the most avid gambling countries worldwide, the market would climb 13% CAGR from 2023 to 2028. The government of Germany has authorized online in all of its 16 federal states, allowing online casino operations to garner millions of bettors nationwide.

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